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Recycling Day

Journée de recyclage

Environmental Recycling Day / Journée de recyclage

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It is a short educational quiz about waste management and recycling in our community.

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Essayez notre deuxiÚme jeu questionnaire! La version française sera disponible prochainement.

Le jeu est un court questionnaire à propos de la gestion des déchets et du recyclage dans notre communauté.

Russell Township Elections

List of candidates.

Élections municipales‏ à Russell

Liste des candidats.


Telephone Fax E-mail
Donald ST. PIERRE 613-443-8298              
Jean Paul (JP) ST. PIERRE 613-445-5242


Telephone Fax E-mail
Ron BARR 613-884-5731
André D. BRISSON 613-443-5352            
Duane FITZPATRICK 613-443-3544
Jamie LAURIN 613-853-3581
Pierre LEROUX 613-443-2560
Cindy SAUCIER 613-445-3852
Amanda SIMARD 613-291-0364
Raymond ST-PIERRE 613-799-8825
Patrick THIBODEAU 613-443-0298

Source: Russell Township Elections page

Reply from the Candidates

Reply from candidates to the open letter from Dump the Dump Now.

RĂ©ponses des candidats

RĂ©ponses des candidats Ă  la lettre de Dump the Dump Now.

Pierre Leroux – Candidate for Councillor

As a current Russell Township Councillor I felt it was in the best interest of our municipality to eliminate the present and future risks associated with landfills. That is why I supported the closure of our municipal landfill site in favour of entering into a public/private partnership with an organization who are experts in the field, thus eliminating a significant amount of waste from our Township. Therefore I see absolutely no reason in supporting the TMES proposal that would reintroduce a landfill into our Township after we've worked hard to eliminate it."

Cindy Saucier, a candidate for Councillor.

"I am opposed to the proposed site" and worry about the expansion to the second preferred location on Eadie Rd. What does Taggart/Miller plan to do with the Eadie Rd. site? I believe we should be concerned about the ecological impact, impact on our general well-being, the impending increase in traffic, especially in winter months when roads are more dangerous for driving. There will certainly possibly be a bottle neck of traffic. We all know the congestion of the Orleans split. It was always a sigh of relief to get by that but we may see a similar sight of traffic trying to get off the 417 at Boundary. I am also concerned about traffic coming from other directions and possibly going through the villages when school buses are trying to transport children safely.

If this goes through, I believe it will affect the economics of this area and real estate. It is certainly make the area less attractive (and not just aesthetically). I think developers should be more involved in this issue and voicing their concerns loudly.”

Ron Barr - candidate for Councillor

“As an active lobbyist fighting many issues on behalf of the group I represent, the Greater Ottawa Truckers Association, I know what it takes to battle the giants such as the Taggart Miller Group, the masters of the proposed dump(s) in our area and I applaud the good work of the citizens behind Dump the Dump Now and Dump this Dump 2. It always amazes me when budding politicians seek your vote, pre-election that they promise the world, yet when elected they subscribe to a culture that usually is not in the best interest of the stakeholders – you and me the taxpayers. As Councillor for the Township of Russell I will vehemently oppose a dump in Russell and Carlsbad Springs because with our internal growth we simply can’t handle the additional traffic, smell and stigma of being a dumping ground. It will do nothing but shy businesses and families away from the area and that is not at all healthy for our future.”

Raymond St. Pierre - candidate for Councillor.

"I have been a member of "Dump the Dump" for the past three and a half years. In the beginning Taggart - Miller were showboating the proposed North Russell site project and showed up with, very erroneous and very ambiguous facts, much of which were fabricated and untrue.

Needless to say, the trumpet was sounded, we rolled up our sleeves and hit the streets, we wrote letters, went door to door, spoke to the public, businesses and everyone else who would listen.

If this committee's dedication and perseverance was ever defined however, it would have to be under the name of Walter Cholowski. I pay tribute to Walter for setting the tone, he was part of both the administration and the science group at the same time.

His ethics and persistence were paramount in letting Taggart and Co. know, we could not be pushed around.

More recently, Taggart - Miller, have moved their focus of the operation to the Boundary Rd. location. Keeping in mind that the North Russell site is still open, are we to ignore their intentions on boundary - NOT AT ALL - they must be stopped.

I make special note, that despite all the efforts and revelations that it still took (2) years for this present Council to realize that playing ball with Taggart-Miller was not an option.

Our environment must be paramount to any Industrialized Waste site, such as the one they have purposed. We cannot permit them to ruin our resources, our natural habitat, our roads, our economy and yes, the very health of our children.

These two locations are all negative and yet, over the last (4) years not one Council member has stepped forward denouncing either of the two sites.

Many issues in this Township need our immediate attention, but not as important as our environment and, in this case, the rejection of Taggart - Miller."

Jean Paul St. Pierre, Mayor on the TAGGART MILLER PROPOSAL (North Russell Road).

In December 2010, the Russell Township Council immediately took steps to form a sub-committee under the Environmental Committee to review the Taggart - Miller proposal. At the end of the review process , the sub- committee recommended to Council that the Municipality should REJECT the Taggart - Miller proposal.

As a result , Council UNANIMOUSLY "REJECTED " the Taggart - Millar proposal and informed the Provincial authorities accordingly.

The message was clear.

Furthermore, the Provincial Government needs to address a Strategic and Tactical plan to address waste management in the province of Ontario. Burying waste , using landfill technology is no longer acceptable. Why not 1) incineration or 2) gasification , which is implemented in many other Countries around the world?

Given the number of Landfill sites in Eastern Ontario it certainly begs the question - why another one ? In addition , the Environment Commissioner of Ontario has reported that the provincial ministry of the environment are not sufficiently staff to monitor and inspect the existing landfill sites, let alone add more landfill sites, especially in our region.

This current provincial approach can only lead to serious consequences.

On that note , that is one of the reasons that Russell Township Council opted to CLOSE our municipal landfill site, AND opted to accept a local transfer station .

We obviously need to monitor the Taggart - Miller situation closely as developments unfold.

Amanda Simard - candidate for Councillor.

From the beginning, I have opposed the project proposed by Taggart Miller. I will continue to oppose this project and, if elected, will do everything possible to prevent the landfill from being located in our community. Our economic and personal health is at stake.


DĂšs le dĂ©but, je me suis opposĂ©e au projet proposĂ© par Taggart Miller. Je vais continuer de m’y opposer et, si Ă©lue, ferai tout en mes moyens pour empĂȘcher le dĂ©pĂŽtoir de s’installer dans notre communautĂ©. Notre bien-ĂȘtre, tant Ă©conomique que personnel, ainsi que notre santĂ© sont en jeu.

Russell Township Elections

Élections municipales‏ à Russell

Letter to all candidates running for Russell Township Council:

We are the Citizens' Environmental Stewardship Association - East of Ottawa (CESA-EO) and we are responsible for running the Dump the Dump Now Campaign since the last Township election in Nov 2010. We are all for recycling and for reducing and reusing waste, but our main concern is the potential of the proposed landfill (dump) to pollute the surrounding surface water, groundwater and air environment.

The proponents, Taggart Miller Environmental Services (TMES), have purchased two sites one in North Russell (surrounding Quarry lake) and the other just across the City of Ottawa boundary, known as the Boundary Road Site (formerly Site 10 and rejected as potential landfill site by the Regional Municipality of Ottawa Carleton in the late 1980's. At that time, Russell Township Council and its residents were opposed to a landfill being located there (the Gateway to Russell).

On June 11, 2014, TMES issued the Draft Environmental Assessment Report (EA) and it can be found online at This EA report is mainly focused on the suitability of the Boundary Road site.

Waste facilities are regulated by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and we recently received the following statement from Lorna Zappone, the MOE Project Officer:

"The proponent's environmental assessment is based on the [CRRRC] Terms of Reference, which included both the North Russell and Boundary Road sites. TMES could consider the [North] Russell site at any time." (Lorna Zappone, 9 April 2014).

C'est pas fini! The North Russell Site is still an alternative. CESA-EO is opposed to a landfill at either of the two sites!

TMES bills their facility primarily as a "recycling and diversion [reuse]" facility, but the landfill is the largest site component. The proposed dump covers more than half of the 400 acre site. It will be the largest landfill in the Ottawa area! The documents indicate that TMES, over the next 30 years, plans to dispose into their onsite landfill 9 - 11 million cubic meters of waste. Putting waste in a landfill is the cheapest waste disposal option!

They are expecting 1,000 to 1,500 tonnes of waste to be brought to the site each day that equates to 300 -450,000 tonnes per year. Think of the increased truck traffic, coming and going, on Boundary Road and on eastbound highway 417! This does not include trucks coming to take away material to be recycled in manufacturing plants in other parts of Ontario. These last set of hauling trucks are not restricted by the agreed upon haul routes (to take Hwy 417) so they will take other routes like Mitch Owens and Gregoire Rd. to Route 400 to get to Hwy 416 and on to Hwy 401. Do we want all of our roadways clogged with massive trucks?

If you have attended any of the TMES Open Houses, you would know the current landfill design for the Boundary Road site does not include a protective liner on the underside! How will this prevent the potentially harmful landfill leachate from polluting the surrounding groundwater?

If we are expecting the MOE to protect our environment for us I would like to show you the polluted groundwater plume around the Waste Management's (WMI) Carp dump in the west end of Ottawa. This dump has been polluting the local groundwater since 2001 and the company has had to buy up the water rights on all the polluted surrounding lands. WMI has just been granted permission by the MOE to extend its landfill for another 10 years even though an earlier expansion attempt was turned down by the MOE in 2008! Once a landfill has been established by a waste company it is very hard to stop it from expanding its footprint and its influence!

We have 6 large operating landfills in the Ottawa area [Carp, Trail Road, Springhill, Navan, Ridge Road, Lafleche) and there is the underutilized Orgaworld for organic waste. There is an excess of annual waste disposal capacity in this area for the foreseeable future! This will drive down the tipping (dumping) fees and will discourage recycling and diversion. Low tipping fees will also encourage the dump owners to bring waste from the Toronto area to make up the shortfall in revenue. MOE's Certificate of Approvals for landfills allows waste to come from all over Ontario! We don't want the National Capital Area to be the Dump Capital of Ontario!

Is this dump on Boundary Road going to invite people and businesses to locate in Russell Township?

We are looking for a statement from each of the candidates running for Mayor and Councillor on this project!

All statements will be posted on our Web and FaceBook pages and forwarded to our members for their consideration.


Harry Baker
President CESA-EO

DTD2 creates a stir in Eastern Ontario

Read the Report (bilingual).

DTD2 cause tout un Ă©moi dans l'est de l'Ontario‏

Lisez le rapport (bilingue).

DTD2 creates a stir in Eastern Ontario / DTD2 cause tout un Ă©moi dans l'est de l'Ontario‏

Mailing List

In order to fully comply with new Canadian legislation, we are rebuilding our distribution list.

If you are interested in receiving more updates and other information from CESA-EO, Dump The Dump NOW campaign, simply send an email to: and ask to be added (or stay) on our list.

Liste de distribution

Afin de suivre une nouvelle loi canadienne, nous devons reconstruire notre liste de distribution

Si vous ĂȘtes intĂ©ressĂ©s Ă  recevoir des mise Ă  jours et autre information de CESA-EO, Dump The Dump NOW, veuillez envoyer un courriel Ă : et demandez d'ĂȘtre ajoutĂ© (ou de rester) sur notre liste.

Environmental Assessment Report

On June 10, Taggart Miller posted and distributed to interested parties their draft Environmental Assessment Report for the proposed CRRRC project. The announcement to the concerned citizens has been posted in ads in local papers and is shown below. Community members can download these reports at the website and have until July 31, 2014 to submit comments.

We need your support! We are not against the recycling components of this project, but do not want a landfill to be placed at either of the proposed sites. Another landfill in Eastern Ontario y will only drive down the dumping fees and discourage recycling (it is easier and cheaper to dump waste in a landfill)

Download the bilingual announcement: CRRRC Report and Open House

Rapport d'Ă©valuation environnementale

Le 10 juin, Taggart Miller a distribuĂ© une Ă©bauche de l'Ă©valuation environnementale pour une proposition de projet de gestion intĂ©grĂ©e des dĂ©chets connu sous le nom de Centre de rĂ©cupĂ©ration des ressources de la rĂ©gion de la capitale (CRRRC). Une annonce a Ă©tĂ© publiĂ©e dans les journaux locaux et peut ĂȘtre tĂ©lĂ©chargĂ©e plus bas. Les rapports sont disponibles sur ce site web: Les commentaires sont sollicitĂ©s jusqu'au 31 juillet 2014.

Nous avons besoin de votre support!

Téléchargez l'annonce bilingue: Rapport CRRRC et Porte Ouverte

Quarry lake

The 40-acre lake Taggart Miller proposed to fill in and make part of a 450-acre landfill facility has risen to record levels. May 2014 / December, 2013.

Le lac de la carrière

Niveau record d'eau dans le lac de 40 acres que Taggart Miller propose de remplir et inclure dans un dépotoir. Mai 2014 / Décembre 2013.

The 40-acre quarry lake. May, 2014. / Le lac de 40 acres à de la carrière

The 40-acre quarry lake. December, 2013. / Le lac de 40 acres à de la carrière

Trivia Night

Soirée jeu-questionnaire

The joint DTDN and DTD2 Trivia Night, at The Russell House Pub, was a huge success! We had a hundred participants and made about $4800!

A big thank you to Edna and Terry Robinson for hosting this event, providing prizes to the winning team and for letting us use your credit card services to collect payments for the silent and live auctions. Thank you to Connie Johnson, and to her support team of Nikki Jardine and Serge Frigon. We appreciate all of your support!

We would like to thank the organizing team of Laurie McCannell, Lynne Arcand, Doug Estabrooks, and Marjorie Milloy. Thank you for your many hours of hard work! Thank you Gilles Bérubé our fast talking, slow walking auctioneer.

We would like to thank the following people and businesses for their generous donations for our live auction: Sharyl Estabrooks, W&H Kuiper, J&B Toll and Don Diego, Gilmour Agencies, Home Hardware Russell and donors, Ray St. Pierre, and other anonymous donors.

We would like to thank the following people and businesses that generously donated to the silent auction: Anderson Links, Clover Leaf, Emerald Links, Mario's Hair Design, E.C. Kosmegtika, D&S Southern BBQ, Canadian Tire - Findlay, Norma Anderson, Ray St. Pierre, Laurie Heymans, BMR Embrun, Arc-en-Miel, Tamara's Alterations, Jonick Children's Wear - Embrun, Candice Vetter, Pat Hewson, Redland Orchard, Creekside Farm, Duke's Garage, S&H Automotive, Curves, George's Restaurant - Russell, Beyond the House, Dogs and Compagnie, Gaetan's Automotive, Russell Fair Board 2014, Jonathan Estabrooks, Russell Music Academy and other anonymous donors.

Trivia Team pondering their answer

Trivia Team pondering their answer

Winning trivia team from Carslbad Springs with their prizes

Winning trivia team from Carslbad Springs with their prizes

DTDN Board member and auctioneer Gilles Bérubé thanking Connie Johnston

DTDN Board member and auctioneer Gilles Bérubé thanking Connie Johnston.

Lynne Arcnad giving Tom Guntzel a chainsaw

Lynne Arcand giving Tom Guntzel a chainsaw

Playhouse Raffle

Tirage d'une maisonnette

Playhouse Raffle / Tirage d'une maisonnette

In memory of our first President Walter Cholowski

En mémoire de notre premier président Walter Cholowski

Walter Cholowski Memorial Fund

CESA-EO is partnering with Trees for Tomorrow to plant trees in Bourdeau Park in Embrun in memory of our first President Walter Cholowski.

Donors who are residents of Russell Township will receive a receipt for income tax purposes. Donations can be made through the Township of Russell.

Click here to download the form (bilingual).

Fonds commémoratif Walter Cholowski

CESA-EO ( L'Association des citoyens de l'intendance environnementale de l'est d'Ottawa) a conclu un partenariat avec l'organisation Trees for Tomorrow dans le but de planter des arbres dans le Parc Bourdeau à Embrun en mémoire de notre premier président Walter Cholowski.

Un reçu officiel aux fins de l'impôt sur le revenu sera remis aux donateurs résidant dans la municipalité. Les dons sont recueillis par le canton de Russell.

Cliquez ici pour télécharger le formulaire (bilingue).

CESA-EO and CRCCPE at Living Locally

CESA-EO et CRCCPE à Living Locally

Gilles Bérubé, Harry Baker and Ross Nicholson staff the CESA-EO and CRCCPE joint booth at the Russell Horticultural Society's Living Locally Fair on January 18.

Gilles Bérubé, Harry Baker et Ross Nicholson s'occupent du kiosque d'exposition commun de CESA-EO et CRCCPE au salon commercial Living Locally de la Russell Horticultural Society le 18 janvier.

Gilles Berubé, Harry Baker and Ross Nicholson

Sowing the Seeds of Coalition

Ontario communities banding together to stop the dumps!

Les germes d'une coalition

Des communautés en Ontario s'unissent pour arrêter les dépotoirs!

The new Ontario coalition against landfills formed on December 2, at a conference held in the Centretown United Church in downtown Ottawa.

Une nouvelle coalition ontarienne contre les dépotoirs formée le 2 décembre lors d'une conférence tenue à la Centretown United Church au centre-ville d'Ottawa.

The new Ontario coalition against landfills formed on December 2 / Nouvelle coalition ontarienne contre les dépotoirs formée le 2 décembre

From left:

  • Mike Bossio, Chairperson of Concerned Citizens Committee of Tyendinaga and Environs (CCCTE) from Napanee;
  • Suzanne Crellin, Research Chairperson of Oxford People Against the Landfill--Alliance (OPAL Alliance) from Ingersol;
  • Harold Moore, B.Sc. Geology, founding member of Don't Let Ottawa Go To Waste (DLOGTW) from West Carleton;
  • Harry Baker, M.Sc., P.Eng., FEIC, president of Citizens' Environmental Stewardship Association--East of Ottawa (CESA-EO) from Russell;
  • Sue Langlois, first president of Capital Region Citizens' Coalition for the Protection of the Environment (CRCCPE) from Carlsbad Springs;
  • and Richard Lindgren, Counsel with the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA).

En partant de la gauche:

  • Mike Bossio, président de Concerned Citizens Committee of Tyendinaga and Environs (CCCTE) de Napanee;
  • Suzanne Crellin, présidente de la recherche du Oxford People Against the Landfill--Alliance (alliance OPAL) de Ingersol;
  • Harold Moore, B.Sc. Géologie, membre fondateur de Don't Let Ottawa Go To Waste (DLOGTW) de West Carleton;
  • Harry Baker, M.Sc., P.Eng., FEIC, président de Citizens' Environmental Stewardship Association--East of Ottawa (CESA-EO) de Russell;
  • Sue Langlois, présidente de Capital Region Citizens' Coalition for the Protection of the Environment (CRCCPE) de Carlsbad Springs;
  • et Richard Lindgren, avocat de Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA).

December 2013 Newsletter

Click here to download the December 2013 Newsletter.

Bulletin de décembre 2013

Cliquez ici pour télécharger le bulletin de décembre 2013.