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Ontario is Going to Waste!

Read the CESA-EO Media Release: English / Français.



Call to Close Russell Municipal Landfill

Read the CESA-EO Media Release: English / Français.



Landfill Would Cause Permanent Harm

Read Bob Desjardin's letter: English / Français.



Annual General Meeting

The "Dump the Dump Now!" committee, legally known as The Citizens' Environmental Stewardship Association - East of Ottawa, has been through an entire fiscal year of business and held its annual general meeting.



Letter from Council of Canadians to the Minister

Members of the Council of Canadians voice their concern to the Minister of Environment about the environmental impact of a proposal by Taggart Miller Environmental Services for a "Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre" in either Russell or Carlsbad Springs.

Click here to download the letter (Word document).



Council of Canadians supports the fight

Read more here: letter from Mark Calzavara.



News Release in response to Taggart Miller's announcement of a "preferred site"

"Dump the Dump Now"

February 8th, 2013

Taggart Miller Environmental Services have announced they have chosen the Boundary Road and Devine Road (Site 2) as their preferred site for their dump.

At first glance this should be great news, however we should accept this only as good news; one step closer to our goal. Until the Russell site is completely off the table, we must remain vigilant.

We would like to thank each and every one of you that have supported your community by attending rallies, sending letters, canvassing, offering financial support and any other initiatives that resulted in this recent decision by Taggart Miller. It took the whole community, small but mighty, to achieve this success and you should be proud.

Our initial goal was to prohibit Taggart Miller from creating a dump at our quarry site. Our final goal is to STOP Taggart Miller from developing an unnecessary dump within our region.

As it stands now, it has moved from our "backyard" to our "doorstep" and we in Russell Township will still bear the brunt of the effects of this project.

CESA-EO encourages you to join us and throw your full support behind "Dump this Dump 2" as they continue the battle against Site 2. This site has many issues that make it unsuitable, including poor soil conditions, a high water table and its close proximity to the Mer Bleue.

This fight is not done; the battle field has just shifted.

Let's shut Taggart Miller out from east of Ottawa.

Finally, mark your calendars:

February 25th - Taggart Miller Open House
at the Carlsbad Community Centre from 4 to 9 p.m.

February 27th - Taggart Miller Open House
at the Russell Arena from 4 to 9 p.m.

Preferred time is 7 p.m. TMES needs to know we continue to stand strong.

Board of Directors



Taggart Miller
Chooses a Site

Taggart Miller Environmental Services (Taggart Miller) is undertaking an environmental assessment (EA) under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act for a proposed integrated waste management project to be known as the Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC). In December 2012, the Terms of Reference (TOR) for this environmental assessment were approved by the Minister of the Environment.

As set out in the approved TOR, Taggart Miller has undertaken a comparative evaluation of the two sites being considered for the CRRRC facility. One site, the North Russell Site, is located in the northwest part of Russell Township and the other site, the Boundary Road Site, is located east of Boundary Road and south of Highway 417 in the City of Ottawa near an existing industrial park.

Following the methodology outlined in the approved TOR for the comparative evaluation, the Boundary Road Site has been identified as the preferred site for the CRRRC.

Two identical Open House sessions have been organized to provide local residents and other interested parties with information about the rationale for selection of the preferred site, the proposed CRRRC facility and the next steps in the environmental assessment process.

Open House # 3, Session 1
Monday February 25, 2013
4:00 to 9:00 pm
Carlsbad Community Centre
6020 Eighth Line Road, Ottawa

Open House # 3, Session 2
Wednesday February 27, 2013
4:00 to 9:00 pm
Russell Arena
1084 Concession Street, Russell

Public participation by local residents and other interested parties is an important part of the environmental assessment process. In addition to participating in these events, you are invited to submit your comments via the project website, by mail, or fax to the address/number provided below.

Mr. Hubert Bourque, Project Manager
Taggart Miller Environmental Services
c/o 225 Metcalfe Street, Suite 708
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1P9
Tel: 613-454-5580
Fax: 613-454-5581




The Minister approves Taggart Miller Environmental Services Terms of Reference

The Hon. Jim Bradley has sent written notification to TMES that their Terms of Reference have been approved with some minor changes, notably that all information and workshops should be presented in both French and English.

Despite all the arguments from experts, residents and elected officials, the proposed Terms of Reference have had very few modifications. This approval now allows the proponent to perform environmental assessments on both properties with the intention of determining, in the proponent's opinion, the most suitable site for their project. Once TMES decides which property fits their bill, they have indicated they will put forth their environmental assessment to the MOE.



TOR Rejected by Municipal Council

Russell's Municipal Council soundly rejected Taggart Miller's Terms of Reference. Council Chambers was filled with standing room only by members from the community to hear its elected officials announce that they would not accept the proponents Terms of Reference to the CRRRC. The rejection will be forwarded to the MOE where it will be considered with all other comments received to date. Look for a decision from the Minister of the Environment to accept or reject Taggart Miller's Terms of Reference on December 15.



Response to Taggart Miller's Terms of Reference

Environmental Planner Steven Rowe and Professional Geologist Wilf Ruland were hired to review and comment on the Terms of Reference that were submitted to the Ministry of the Environment on September 14, 2012. Any organizations and concerned members of the public had 30 days to voice official comments and opposition to the proposal.

Please click here for the submissions we made on behalf of our supporters.

Read how some residents responded to the Terms of Reference:



Residents urge Dump the Dump

Read the article on Your Ottawa




Protest the Dump!

Public PROTEST against the dump proposal, after Taggart/Miller's selective tour of the site.

View full poster



The Truth about Taggart and Miller Environmental Services proposed "DUMP" site within Russell-Embrun Communities.

Taggart Miller says the site is "suitable."

Read More



Soirée Trivia Night

7pm/19h, Hôtel du Village, 996 Notre-Dame, Embrun: Fund raiser/levée de fonds trivia/jeu questionnaire, silent auction/encan silencieux, Entrance/entrée $10.00 per person/par personne.



Important Town Hall meeting on the Taggart-Miller dump project in Russell/Meeting d'information très important

Location/emplacement: Centre récréatif Embrun Rec Centre, 6 Blais, Embrun, 7pm/19h. Entrance free/entrée gratuite



What You Should Know About Landfill Liners

All landfills are assumed to leak! Find out why…

Read full presentation



Dump the Dump Now Committee Challenges Candidates

The Russell Dump the Dump Now Committee challenges all federal election candidates in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell to take a stand on the proposed Taggart Miller mega-dump.

Read full challenge



Russell & Embrun!!!

The response to yesterday's rally call was great!! Given that the proponents provided no notice to the public (but the DID take time to invite the press!!!), the show of 120-150 people was tremendous. All of us were expecting more information from the proponents, especially a project description, but we did learn their time-line is much longer than originally planned (at first, they wanted their Terms Of Reference completed by spring, now they are looking at late next fall). The strong and quick opposition of the community forced them to significantly adjust their strategy - and we will keep it up! The proponents also reaffirmed that a landfill is a major component of their plan - they want to build a dump.

The township environmental advisory committee is starting the hunt for qualified volunteers for their sub-committee which will study this project in detail, if any of you are interested.

Thanks again for caring and for coming out, many of you without even going home after work. THIS is why this community is worth fighting for!

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