The Truth about Taggart and Miller Environmental Services proposed "DUMP" site within Russell-Embrun Communities.

Taggart Miller says the site is "suitable."

The truth… NO! Absolutely not true! The site has fractures. The quarry floor is 6 metres below the water table. It is directly connected to groundwater which supplies wells. It is upwind from both Russell and Embrun. It lies in a fault zone. It is very close to the Vars-Winchester Esker which supplies water to half of Eastern Ontario. Headwaters of several water courses begin at the site and drain into the Castor River. It is 2500 metres from three schools and most of the village of Russell's recreational areas. The entrance for 100-200 trucks per day would be on the main route into Russell village, right at the Russell cemetery.

There are many, many more environmental, socio-economic, and public health FACTS that PROVE this is not a suitable site, either environmentally or by any other criteria. THEY REFUSE TO LISTEN.

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Walter Cholowski
Dump the Dump Now Campaign